Friday, 9 August 2013

More tattoos, more tattoos!

These don't go with the nautical theme I've got going on but I do think they are adorable :)
Maybe I can start a dream-theme on the other side of myself? 
What else could I add to My Little Pony and Care Bears?

My Little Mermaid

Ever since the movie The Little Mermaid came out I have been slightly obsessed with Ariel..
I love her hair, the colour of her seashell bra and fishtail. 
I love her story. 
I love her Prince Eric..

Maybe I can now have her tattooed on me!
Or would that be taking this whole thing a step too far?

Really like this one and I think it could work well with the little seahorses I want too.

 The one below I find absolutely amazing... Mermaid inspired but not as obsessive as an actual Little mermaid :)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Perfect Party Outfit

My current perfect party outfit has been found!
Thanks to ASOS, who never ever lets me down to be honest :)

Have not been on that website one single time without spotting at least 3 pieces that I would love to own.
Last night was no different ;)

 I have to admit I'm not usually the biggest fan of bracelets but this gorgeous Bill Skinner Acorn & Oak bracelet could make me change my mind. Its just so beautiful and luxurious. Think it would make me feel like a princess. Doesn't every girl want to feel like a princess now and again?

This morning I came to the conclusion that pretty much everything I own clothes wise is either navy or all the colours of the rainbow. How about I spruce up the navy with a little polka dot, eh?
Polka dots have never hurt anyone plus this dress is just so lovely!

I would like to call these beauts (very soon to be my) Mermaid Shoes. Not sure why they make me think of mermaids but I am one of Ariel's biggest fans so it is a Very Big Compliment!
Le bf agreed that if I get rid of 5 pairs of shoes I have, (and hardly ever wear to be honest) I can buy these.
That has made my day, you just can not believe :)

*where's the next party at then?*

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Big Mystery

Ages and ages ago (also known as 1998) my cousins Marie, Alice, Clara, my sister Laura and me decided to create some kind of a time capsule.

We found a box and filled it with notes and bits and bobs from that time. I have to say I don't remember At All what I contributed. Marie told me we wrote down what we then thought the man of our dreams would be like.
*I wonder if my note says Australian chef?*

According to my cousins we decided to open the box ten years later, which kind of brings us to about 5 years ago. Haha, seems like I was not the only one who forgot about the existence of this little box of treasures.
We're going to all get together soon to ceremoniously open the box and discover what's inside!
I absolutely can not wait and will ofcourse let you guys know :)

Pintxos in San Sebastian and Tapas in Barcelona

Le bf and I have been back for over a week now but I stil can not forget all the lovely food we had on holiday in Spain.
If I could I'd go back right now!

(Who could have guessed that chickpeas and bloodsausage could be so amazingly delicious??)

We must have eaten way more patatas, croquetas and calamares than any human being ever should.
Resulting in me gaining a good few pounds. Ugh!

But I'd do it all over again.
The gym is right around the corner from our house anyway so that's not an issue :)

Maybe I should get cooking myself?
Pair it all with a lovely Estrella or a glas of Txakoli and enjoy.